Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Tacoma Talmud answers - Question 2

Why be Jewish?  What are the reasons for continuing to live a Jewish life in the 21st century?

- Being Jewish is cool. You're different and interesting.
- There needs to be more than one religion because people have different opinions.
- I like what Judaism teaches, that is why I am a Jew – respecting others, respecting life, respecting nature, respecting earth, loving others.
- Rabbi Kadden says Judaism encourages us to ask the most challenging questions and argue with each other as we respond to the questions.  We are a welcoming community without being aggressive in inviting others to join us. Judaism offers a way to live our lives in community and encourages us to improve the world.
- To be "Jewish" you must believe that you are Jewish,. If you don't understand Judaism it's hard to celebrate the religion in your own way .By continuing the lifestyle you get to have new ideas and be different.
- I'm Jewish because we can come together to clean up the world and donate money to poor people.
- Just because the world ages doesn’t mean the path Hashem laid out for us has changed.
- It lets you question and struggle. You are not forced into being Jewish but are given the option to question what it means to be Jewish, which leads back to why be Jewish.
- You should continue to live a Jewish life because you get 8 days of presents on Hannukah, you get yummy food, and because if you go to synagogue you get to learn stuff other than boring math.
- It is good to be Jewish. It can be helpful too. Mitzvahs and more! You also believe in G-d, with all your heart.
- We should be Jewish because G-d chose us to be with him and carry on his dream. We were chosen to be Jewish because we are special and capable of great things.  God has talked to us before and has told us to heal our world before we can't . G-d created mitzvahs and commandments for us to do and follow. WE can choose to follow one road or another. We are gien the ability to help and care for others and our earth. We are gvien lives we should live and we were told to tell others who don't see that. Jews were given eyes for the blind,
- To believe in what you want and I believe in Judaism.
- Being Jewish is awesome because it's a deep and interesting religion.
- Because it makes you different. You get to be the one to inform other people about it. Continuing to live a Jewish life in your future is important to keep the religion going.
- I am Jewish because my parents are Jewish and that's what I believe in.
- To be part of a community. Also, enjoy the food.
- So that you may be about to connect with G-d. and help the earth to be a good place to live. In Judaism we learn to help  save the earth and other people. Even a small thing, that we may do it may affect the world as we know it. I think we should be Jewish so that we believe in G-d the one true G-d. Thank you.
- To apply old principles to new problems.  Judaism has something to say about global warming, technology, and other issues of the 21st century.
- We should continue to be Jewish because our ancestors never gave up. G-d freed us from Egypt, so we should at least continue to thank and praise Him.  G-d has done everything to deserve our praise, so why not praise Him?
- We are different in our world with the Hebrew alphabet and living in time. And different places like school, Sunday School on Sunday with different kids than home school. Sometimes that happens.
- If you are deciding on what religion to have, chose to be Jewish. At Temple there is a community that are just like you. You may feel different than colleagues that are Christian, but consider yourself special. It is simple yet complicated to be a Jew, but that is good, for then it takes a lifetime to learn.
- One reason to be Jewish, at least in Reform Judaism, is because Judaism is extremely open and encourages question-asking
- Sandra says be Jewish if Judaism means something to you. Never take it for granted or be Jewish without feeling.
- Because the stereotypes may look good on your resume, and its virtually the only religion who has not committed a massacre in the name of G-d.
- For many generations Judaism is still alive even after all the murder we're still strong and its kept us going but now we have other ??? and we barely pay attention to what we started with.  Also in the 21st century we have some more logical thinking of where we came from so people aren't believing.
- Judaism is just another way to get through and live your life. Some people party and others play. You find whatever suits you best eventually.
- I'm Jewish because that is how I was raised/Judaism has unique principles that you do not find in other religions.
- Because we are the best wrestlers! We are encouraged to question, make and remake meaning.  We are called to bring the world back to wholeness through our actions.

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